Support John Proshek

Support John Proshek

As many of you know, at the end of 2020 I tested positive for COVID-19 despite following all of the recommendations and precautions to avoid it. My condition got so bad that I ended up going to the hospital on January 3, 2021. By the time I was admitted, my kidneys were shutting down and I had contracted pneumonia. I spent a week in the hospital before I was released and able to return home on oxygen.

Most people who have had COVID-19 recover completely within a few weeks. But some people, like me, continue to experience symptoms long after the initial recovery. These people, have in theory recovered from the worst impacts of COVID-19. Unfortunately, I continue to experience severe symptoms more than a year later. Like many others, I have been diagnosed with a severe case of what is now being called Long Haul COVID.

The list of long hauler symptoms is long, wide and extremely inconsistent. For some people, the lasting coronavirus symptoms are nothing like the original symptoms when they were first infected with COVID-19. In my case, my chest x-rays still show scarring on my lungs. I still have a severe cough, body aches, headaches, fatigue and shortness of breath. However, my most debilitating and frustrating symptom is brain fog. I struggle with being forgetful, confused and in some cases, have very hard time concentrating on even simple tasks.

I want my life back but all I am hearing from my doctors is that I just need to wait and be patient and hope my symptoms go away. I can’t keep waiting. We began researching holistic treatment options and discovered Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT). We learned that this treatment has been extremely successful in treating people who suffer from Long Haul COVID. There is a non-profit facility right here in Northwest Ohio called Sara’s Garden that specializes in Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy where I can go to receive treatments

My hope is to receive HBOT treatment at Sara’s Garden to get relief from these symptoms and get my life back. We believe this treatment will help me in my recovery as HBOT is currently being used and studied as an effective form of treatment for lingering COVID-19 symptoms due to its ability to reverse hypoxia, reduce neuro-inflammation, and improve tissue oxygenation amongst other benefits. HBOT also acts as an anti-viral, anti-bacterial, and anti-fungal agent. It also decreases inflammation and swelling, increases energy, and increases the body’s white blood cell activity, boosting the immune system and promoting healing.

Due to the newness of COVID-19 long hauler issues, HBOT is not recognized by insurance companies as a treatment for this condition and therefore will not cover the cost of the treatments. Several people have reached out and asked how they can help. Your prayers for his recovery have been so important and meaningful to us. If you feel so inclined, we could also use your financial support for HBOT treatments. HBOT treatments for my condition are only $150 per treatment at Sara’s Garden as opposed to $1,500-$2,000 at a hospital.

If you could assist us with the cost (or even just part of the cost) of a single $150 treatment it would help reduce our overall expenses greatly. 100% of the funds received will go into an account in my name and will be used for my treatments. Any contribution made would be considered a tax-deductible donation as Sara’s Garden is a 501(c)(3) non-profit facility. Checks can be made out to Sara’s Garden with my name written on a sheet of paper accompanying the check. Please DO NOT write my name directly on the check itself. You can also donate securely online via credit card by clicking on the DONATE NOW button below.

Thank you so much for considering to support my treatments at Sara’s Garden.

John Proshek

Sara’s Garden is a 501(c)(3) organization. Your charitable contribution is tax deductible under 501(c)(3) of the IRS code, to the extent allowed by law. A receipt will be sent to you after your pledge has been received to use for tax purposes.