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Hi, my name is Austin Kempf. For the past few years now I’ve been trying to find a job. I have been searching everywhere in my field of computer programming but came up empty handed until about 8 months ago, when I finally got the opportunity to work at Sauder Woodworking. I was so excited to finally be starting a job where I could earn money for the future.

Unfortunately, on November 26, 2018 while on my way to the drug test for my new job, I was involved in a car accident with a bus. I totaled my vehicle and fractured my right femur in two places. It was pretty bad. I underwent surgery the next day and spent a week recovering in the hospital. It’s been a long road, and while I’m now able to put 100% weight on my right leg, it still has not healed well enough for me to return to work.

For most people, fractures heal successfully once they are immobilized inside a cast. Some may require repositioning first, using traction or reduction. However, for me, the bone repair process has not been so simple and the healing has been significantly delayed, leaving me with a non-healing (non-union) fracture which has caused me a great deal of chronic pain. Re-establishing the structural integrity of the bones has been a major challenge for my doctors.

We’ve recently learned about a natural treatment option called Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT). HBOT is a simple and non-invasive alternative remedy that can be used for enhancing healing of non-union fractures. HBOT is known to enhance stimulation of the production of collagen, a tough, fibrous material that fills the space between broken bones and helps ‘knit’ them back together. HBOT promotes fast growth of new capillaries in affected areas, which in turn brings more oxygen and nutrients to the bones. It also helps to reduce swelling and inflammation, improve circulation, boost the immune system, and suppress infection. This is particularly important for leg fractures, which can have a poor blood supply.

There is a facility right here in Northwest Ohio called Sara’s Garden that specializes in Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy where I can go to receive treatments so we decided I should give it a try. As of now, I have completed almost 20 dives, and it seems to be working. I feel much better when I walk and have felt like I am seeing improved results every time I go back to the hospital for a follow up visit. Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy for my condition is only $150 per treatment at Sara’s Garden (as opposed to $1,500-2,500 per treatment at a hospital). Unfortunately, my insurance company will not cover the cost of the treatments. Since my plan is to receive a total of 40 HBOT treatments that cost adds up quickly.

If you could assist us with the cost (or even just part of the cost) of a single $150 treatment it would help reduce our overall expenses greatly. 100% of the funds received will go into an account in my name and will be used for my treatments. Any contribution made would be considered a tax-deductible donation as Sara’s Garden is a 501(c)(3) non-profit facility. Checks can be made out to Sara’s Garden with my name written on a sheet of paper accompanying the check. Please do NOT write my name directly on the check. You can also donate securely online via credit card by clicking on the DONATE NOW button below.

Thank you so much for supporting my treatments at Sara’s Garden.

Austin Kempf

Sara’s Garden is a 501(c)(3) organization. Your charitable contribution is tax deductible under 501(c)(3) of the IRS code, to the extent allowed by law. A receipt will be sent to you after your pledge has been received to use for tax purposes.

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