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Hi! My name is Kim.  I am 45 years old and have been a quadriplegic since 1991 after injuries sustained in an automobile accident.  I have a Bachelor’s in psychology and a Master’s in Social Work.  I have a service dog named Graham, and we enjoy serving as greeters at church, love to watch all types of sports and the occasional live music concert.  A former co-worker informed me about Sara’s Garden after her son had successful HBOT treatments.

As many of you know, the last few years have been quite a roller coaster for me (and I don’t like roller coasters).  In December of 2014, I was admitted into the ER of a Hospital due to critical infection related to a severe wound.  Because of complications from this wound and the infection, my health became critical and I was fighting for my life.  I was in and out of the OR almost every day while in the hospital.  I had several surgeries to remove the infected tissue.  When I was discharged, I came home with a wound VAC (a device that helps the wound drain) and a PICC line.  With weekly trips to the doctor in Toledo, I had intense home care treatment and bed rest orders.  I ended up back in the hospital with complications due to the infections and became septic.  It took several months to regain my strength and health while we treated the wound at home to the best of our ability, but the wound VAC just didn’t seem to be helping.  Once the infection was under control, I switched doctors to be closer to home and more convenient for my weekly appointments.  This wound has changed my entire life. I had to resign from my job as a mental health counselor at Four County Family Center to focus on treatment, pressure relief, and infection prevention.

In May of 2016, I was diagnosed with colon cancer and began treatments.  This diagnosis came as a shock, and the wound treatment of course was put on the back burner.  The goal at that point was to prevent the cancer from progressing.  Due to chemotherapy, the wound became even more vulnerable to infection and there was a huge risk that it could progress.  During chemotherapy and cancer treatment, my immune system was compromised and my blood counts were not where they should be.  I became anemic because of the cancer, also decreasing my ability to fight the infection and heal the wound.  My cancer treatments lasted six full months.  I can gladly say that as of today, I am cancer free (God is good). I am thankful for this but still worried about the risk of severe infection due to this stubborn wound.

After jumping the hurdle of cancer treatment, removal of the mass, and inpatient surgeries, the priority and focus were then directed back to healing my wound.  As a last resort, I again tried the wound VAC treatment for four weeks.  Unfortunately, there was no progress in healing the wound.  As many of you know I have received Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) at Sara’s Garden.  I am happy to report that treatments are working.  After only 1 week of treatments, the wound had decreased by 1 cm in all directions.  My doctors, nurses, and mother are amazed at how well the wound is responding to the oxygen treatments. One of my nurses said she has never seen a wound close up so fast! However, the wound is not completely healed…yet.  I had an appointment with a plastic surgeon and he did not want to do surgery because the chance of the surgery not working is 85%.  His suggestion is to continue with HBOT treatments since that is working and the wound is healing itself.  When I began HBOT my wound measured 4.5 cm long by 4 cm wide by 1.8cm deep. The wound currently measures 2.2cm long by 2.8 cm wide by 0.5 cm deep. I have decided, along with my doctors, that continuing with HBOT treatments is the best option for healing this wound.

HBOT for my condition is only $150 per treatment at Sara’s Garden (as opposed to $1,500-2,500 per treatment at a hospital).   However, since my plan is to receive an additional 40 (or more if necessary) HBOT treatments that cost adds up quickly.  If you could assist me with the cost (or even just part of the cost) of a single $150 treatment it would help reduce my overall expenses greatly.  100% of the funds received will go into an account in my name and will be used for my treatments.  Any contribution made would be considered a tax-deductible donation as Sara’s Garden is a 501(c)(3) non-profit facility.  Checks can be made out to Sara’s Garden with my name written on a sheet of paper accompanying the check.  Please DO NOT write my name directly on the check itself. You can also donate securely online via credit card by clicking on the “donate now” button below.

Thank you for any help you can give!

Kim Feehan

Sara’s Garden is a 501(c)(3) organization. Your charitable contribution is tax deductible under 501(c)(3) of the IRS code, to the extent allowed by law. A receipt will be sent to you after your pledge has been received to use for tax purposes.

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