NHA Students Growing, Learning & Having Fun with MobyMax!

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Since the coronavirus school closure, New Horizons Academy has been using the comprehensive, individualized, online MobyMax educational program to help serve our kindergarten through eighth graders.  MobyMax meets the students’ educational, curriculum, and IEP needs while still being fun, imaginative, and rewarding.

MobyMax is proven effective!  In a 2018 large-scale research study of 4,000 students, MobyMax helped students learn 53% more than students without it.  With just 20 minutes of instruction a day, some students advanced a full grade level.  According to Tech & Learning, “The study results offer particular hope for students who are below grade level and need to catch up quickly and effectively.  Teachers who

need differentiated solutions to help struggling students can also reliably turn to MobyMax for personalized tools like built-in IEP reporting and continuous progress monitoring to find and fix learning gaps.”  That’s what the experts say about MobyMax and why NHA selected it.

But let’s hear from one of our students, who earned a MobyMax badge the first week of the school closure.  “Thank you, I deserve that,  because I have been doing really good in science, CRAZY good!”

And he and all of our students have been doing “CRAZY good” on MobyMax.  In the first week alone, they studied and worked 16,850 minutes or 280.8 hours.  So far, over 95% of our kindergarten through 8th graders have been working hard on their reading, math, science, and social studies.

A big thank you goes out to Title I Reading Specialist Ellen Rupp, who has been coordinating and tracking the MobyMax lessons; and most importantly for our students, she has been awarding their badges, extra games, and rewards!

If you haven’t already asked your child how they are doing on MobyMax or asked them what badges they have earned, please sit down with them, and watch them rock out and learn on MobyMax this week.

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