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Children affected with Autism have very unique and specific needs and often require an in-home therapy program to address them due to severe learning impairments that affect their ability to communicate, socialize, play, and be a part of the community. These unique needs could include a variety issues such as: managing behaviors, enabling learning, and the ability to work on deficits.

For many parents of children with Autism, participation in a home-based behavioral intervention program may seem overwhelming. In addition to managing and advocating for your child’s various services, you may find it difficult to attend to the needs of other family members, your spouse, and even your job. Participating in a home-based program can certainly seem like one more responsibility for which there simply is not enough time.

The in-home programs offered by Sara’s Garden are designed to help you deal with this by preparing your child for typical learning placements at school while creating a balanced and consistent environment for them to be successful in. We will assess your child to determine the causes for challenging behaviors and then will work with your family to improve your child’s ability to function independently. This may include speech and language development, gross and fine motor development and skills acquisition. We will work closely with you to ensure your child receives consistent messages, which ultimately lead to success and improved behavior.

We will evaluate your child’s needs for:

  • Social skills (including preschool, playground, play dates, and school activities. These will grow and expand as the child grows in social skills and social readiness.)
  • Functional skills (toilet training, self dressing, self care and eating)
  • Family interactions (including chores, eating out, shopping and being part of the community.)

Each child’s program is individualized. Our team of professionals focus on those deficits that prevent your child from participating and interacting with family and peers. Critical skills such as initiation, language, play, self-help, and socialization are taught to the child. Day to day routines are also established for each child to encourage generalization of learned concepts and skills as they are taught.

We will provide standardized assessments and reporting to demonstrate skills acquired and how your child is doing on their goals and objectives. These assessments provide a baseline upon which to begin building a program. In addition, the assessment outcomes can provide year-to-year objective markers of progress (or lack thereof) of the interventions chosen.


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