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New adult client request


If you are interested in receiving Conductive Education services for an adult client please complete the application form below. Our conductors will review the information and then followup with you.

After you’ve completed the application, please take some videos that would allow us to see how the prospective client does with the following tasks:

  • Lying on belly and back
  • Rolling over and turning around
  • Sitting up, sitting (both unsupported and supported)
  • Standing up, standing (okay to use whatever equipment they are used to)
  • Communicating (can be verbal communication or use of device)
  • Manipulation (holding things, playing with a puzzle, etc.)
  • Self-care (feeding, buttons, zipper on coat, etc.)

When it’s convenient and a prospective client is local we typically meet with families so we can assess the client and understand their current capabilities and limitations so that we can prepare a program that will meet their specific needs and group them appropriately.  However, when a client lives far away we simply initiate this process via videos. Videos can be emailed to