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The results you want. The programs you deserve.


The highly trained team of conductors and therapists at Sara’s Garden are committed to providing clients with the finest in comprehensive intervention and therapy services.

Our professionals work to restore function and help clients to achieve maximum use of their physical motor skills after an injury, surgery, condition or illness. Each client benefits from an individual treatment program developed in coordination with goals and objectives of each family.

At Sara’s Garden, we believe:

  • Everyone can learn. Neurological conditions are not seen as limiting factors but provide a key to the direction of learning required.
  • Learning is conscious and active.
  • An action is only meaningful to a person in the context of their intention.
  • Human function is holistic and people learn to function holistically.
  • It is vital that the individual learns to create their own intentions and solve their own challenges.
  • In order to successfully develop and influence learning individuals need clear and consistent expectations.
  • Learning and development are maximized when an individual determines their own goals and is highly motivated to achieve them.
  • Opportunity for practice and application in a variety of situations needs to occur in order to reach goals and achieve success.
  • It is essential to experience success each step of the way.

Adult programs consist of either weekly sessions of between 1-2 hours or intensive courses which usually run for a few weeks at a time. The frequency and duration of the programs depend on what is deemed appropriate for each individual.

Our adult programs strive to encourage:

  • Personality development
  • Independent living
  • Coordination development
  • Speech and language development
  • Motor functioning and control
  • Learning orthofunction
  • Physical adaptation
  • Psychological acceptance
  • Emotional exploration
  • Social interaction

Our goal is to help our clients reach their personal goals in a healthy, positive, and uplifting atmosphere.