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Thank You Dollar General for Our Music Literacy Grant!

Sara’s Garden and New Horizons Academy want to thank the Dollar General Literacy Foundation for supporting our Music Literacy Grant, which helped start our music program! The Dollar General Music Literacy Grant helped start New Horizon Academy’s Music Program with Melissa Valentine [...]

Oxygen In. Pain & Surgery Out.

As a high school senior, Val was in a car accident during the winter of 1992. Because she had no visible injuries at the scene, she refused going to the hospital. Unfortunately, the effects of the accident caught up with her quickly and kept her out of school for an entire week as she was […]

Volunteer Opportunities Available

Over the years, the name “Sara’s Garden” has often caused confusion regarding who we are and what we really do… the Yellow Pages continues to list us in their Lawn and Garden section and people still call us about purchasing flowers and seeds. While we are most certainly [...]

Year End Campaign: Sensory Room Expansion

The sensory room at New Horizons Academy is crucial to the success of our students. It is a place where our students can go to calm their bodies and then get back to the business of learning. Our sensory room has been specially designed to create environments that provide an immersive sensory [...]

How Bullying Shaped My Life

Every October, schools and organizations across the country observe National Bullying Prevention Month. The goal is to encourage communities to work together to stop bullying and cyberbullying by increasing awareness of the prevalence and impact of bullying on children of all ages. There is a [...]

Hope in the Midst of Life ~ October 2017

“You’re Gonna Miss This” It is so easy to get caught up in the details of the day.  The hustle and bustle of “getting there” and “doing this” and “getting that done” sure makes life challenging.  So when “I need this,” or “Please, can you help me?” … get thrown in, “challenging” starts to [...]

2017-18 NHA Yearbook Sponsorship

Last year was the first year we were able to provide a yearbook for the children at New Horizons Academy. We are so thankful to our sponsors for making this past year's yearbook project possible. Our goal is to once again provide our students and their parents with this very special momento. [...]

Sara’s Garden 4th Quarter 2017 O2 Watch Newsletter

Our latest O2 Watch newsletter is now available and is full of stories of hope and healing. In this issue you will learn how Val was able to get relief from chronic back pain and avoid a dreaded back surgery thanks to Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy. You can also read about volunteer opportunities, a [...]

Autism Discussion Group Invitation

Great Lakes Collaborative for Autism (GLCA) is inviting you to be a part of a discussion group. They are asking primary caregivers to share their opinions on services needed for children and adults with ASD. The discussion will last 90 minutes and you will receive a $50 gift card as a thank you [...]

Thank You Yearbook Sponsors!

We would like to express thanks to the following sponsors for their support of our school’s 2016-2017 yearbook. This was the first year we were able to provide a yearbook for the children at New Horizons Academy and we are so thankful for this opportunity. Please help us by supporting these [...]

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