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At Sara’s Garden, we ensure that serving families is at the heart of everything we do. We strive to provide independence… freedom from drugs… freedom of mobility… freedom to live life to its fullest! However, despite all of the success we have had in changing lives here at Sara’s Garden, families are still in need of assistance. In the United States, HBOT and CE are not recognized as being therapeutic or covered by insurance for many of the conditions that we have success in treating.

Insurance companies will pay for your drug prescriptions… for you to have an invasive surgery… for your wheelchair… for just about anything that will keep you disabled and further dependent on the system to provide for your well being. Families come to Sara’s Garden because they are tired of hearing that there is no hope for their loved ones. They want more for them than what they have been told is possible.

Below is a list of families that are currently in need of financial support in order to afford treatment for their loved ones. Click on a name to get to know the families that need your help and then donate to the ones that touch your heart.

Support Candy Bowers

As many of you know, I’ve suffered from headaches and dizzy spells for years. In 2014 I went to my eye doctor for a routine checkup. I told them that I was having some vision problems in my right [...]

Support Tracy Lickly

As many of you are aware, on August 14th, while working at the beauty shop, I began to experience eye pain, mental fogginess and extreme fatigue. I felt like I needed to take a nap in order to [...]

Support Jim Roth

After more than a year and a half of experiencing issues with his throat, such as difficulty swallowing and frequent throwing up, Jim visited a hospital in hopes of learning what was wrong. [...]

Support Bryce Hammond

Our amazing Bryce was born to us in February of 2006. He was in every way, our perfect little baby boy. He giggled, played, cooed and did everything “typical” for an infant boy in his first few [...]

Support Melanie Dzyak

As many of you are aware, Melanie found out last Christmas that her two-and-a-half years of unexplained “episodes” were actually seizures caused by the presence of a rare epidermoid brain cyst. [...]

Support Gene Kroetz

As many of you are aware, Gene Kroetz suffered a hemorrhagic stroke on August 1st and has been recovering ever since. This tragic stroke is something that no one ever anticipates happening to [...]

Support Tyler Senn

As many of you are aware, five days before Tyler was born we had an ultrasound done to check his position. The ultrasound showed that Tyler had fluid on his brain. The following day, we went to [...]

Support Fred Rychener

One of God’s greatest treasures is having a dad who loves his children unconditionally. Our family has been blessed with an amazing man that we are happy to call our dad. Fred was born and [...]

Support Melody Pickard

Since birth, Melody has been our strong, sweet baby girl; even referred to as a miracle baby. We had two children prior to Melody’s birth with no complications. We were not expecting anything [...]

Support Kalli Bruner

After having a child in 2016 born with mild-moderate hearing loss, we were apprehensive and nervous about the birth of our second child. On January 4th, 2018, our second daughter Kalli Mae Bruner [...]

Support Caleb Martin

We are the adoptive parents of Leah and Caleb. They are biological siblings and each was placed in our home at the age of 6 weeks. Their biological mother suffers from bipolar disorder and has [...]

Support Kim Feehan

Hi! My name is Kim. I am 45 years old and have been a quadriplegic since 1991 after injuries sustained in an automobile accident. I have a Bachelor’s in psychology and a Master’s in Social [...]

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