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Share your time and talents


Over the years, the name “Sara’s Garden” has often caused confusion regarding who we are and what we really do… the Yellow Pages continues to list us in their Lawn and Garden section and people still call us about purchasing flowers and seeds.

While we are most certainly not a garden center, one thing is true… over the years, our amazing staff and volunteers have had the privilege of working with the clients we serve by “pouring” into them all of their time and talents. They have experienced the joy and satisfaction of watching these clients “bloom” in their independence and abilities. They are indeed “gardeners” of a sort!

Today, volunteers continue to play an essential role to our organization all year long in helping our staff “plant” specialized, comprehensive client services that “harvest” life-changing results!

Volunteer opportunities at Sara’s Garden are not for adults or retirees alone. We are able to provide valuable service experiences for young adults and teens as well. Community service for teens is often a requirement for graduating high school and it’s a great way for students to build their resumes and skill sets. More importantly, volunteer work for high school students can often be a life-changing experience that allows teens to expand their horizons, provide vocational direction, and foster meaningful relationships.

Whether you choose to support Sara’s Garden financially by making a gift online, or sharing your time and talent through our volunteer opportunities, we are so grateful for your involvement in our work to support the amazing clients, students and families we serve. Individual volunteer opportunities include the following:

  • Participating in before and after school programs
  • Reading books and stories to students
  • Preparing classroom resource materials and instructional games
  • Playing games with students at recess
  • Fundraising event support

In addition to the many individual volunteer opportunities there are also group volunteer projects available as well.

If you wish to volunteer for Sara’s Garden and contribute to our mission, please don’t hesitate to contact us to learn how your talents could be used to help our students and clients “grow“.