Donate Your Old LEGOs

Do you have boxes of old LEGOs laying around? They could serve a crucial function to the kids here at our school.

Most parents already know the benefits of playing with LEGOs. What many people aren’t aware of are the powerful benefits playing with LEGOs can have for children with Autism.

Playing with LEGOs can be far more than just a way to pass the time and prevent boredom. For many of the students we serve at New Horizons Academy it can boost their play skills, transform their social skills and build self-esteem. We’ve learned that LEGO toy building blocks offer a highly routine, repetitive and structured form of play that many of our children with Autism find appealing.

Building success… One brick at a time!

Our team of specialists have created activities using LEGOs that can be integrated into their curriculum and free time. These activities can be simple step by step instructions that help build awareness and concentration to free building time that allows for creativity. Group activities can be designed to help children gain skills in both verbal and non-verbal communication, sharing, turn taking, collaboration, and other social skills.

Don’t throw your old LEGOs away! If you have LEGOs that you no longer want we would love to have them.

For more information, please contact our school office at 419.335.7272 or via email at

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