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New Horizons Academy is still accepting students, Preschool through Second Grade, for both its Wauseon and Toledo, Ohio campuses. New Horizons Academy’s Early Intervention Services include; Speech Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Conductive Education and Behavioral Supports, to serve its’ special needs students.

New Horizons Academy plans to hold in-person classes for students, five days a week during the 2020-2021 school year following health department guidelines.

New Horizons Academy’s early learning classes focus on foundational skills necessary for your child’s future education. Your student’s day is filled with a variety of activities that promote skills so that they learn naturally.

Specialized programming allows students to rotate through classes gaining foundational skills. Structured set-up within each room helps develop consistent expectations for your child. In this focused environment they are supported by a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) who oversees all aspects of your child’s educational growth and development. Our BCBA also supervises our Ohio licensed staff delivering targeted instruction in Language and Literacy, Foundations in Math, Fine Motor and Handwriting, and Play and Social Skills.

Student Supports with Applied Behavior Focus:

  • Positive reinforcement for skill acquisition
  • Visual schedules and visual supports for expectations and routines
  • Differential reinforcement for appropriate behavior
  • Modeling skills
  • Breaking down skills into small steps
  • Data-driven decision making

Our early learning students’ days are filled with many activities to promote generalization of skills in a natural way. Children receive instruction focused on:

  • Language and Literacy (Including embedded speech services)
  • Foundations in Math
  • Fine Motor and Hand Writing
  • Play and Social Skills

In these classes children complete activities targeting individual needs with the goal of completing independent activities. The second portion of the school day revisits all of the concepts taught in the morning rotations using a more natural, less intense approach such as during specials, circle time, and group games.

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