Happy National Conductive Education Day!

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There are millions of children and adults across North America with motor disorders who could be learning how to become more mobile, independent and self-confident with a dynamic learning system called Conductive Education (CE).

Today, February 19, 2015, we join together with the member organizations of The Association for Conductive Education in North America (ACENA) to advocate the power and purpose of Conductive Education.

Developed more than sixty years ago in Hungary by Dr. Andras Peto, Conductive Education maximizes the independence and mobility of children and adults with motor disabilities, including stroke survivors, and those with cerebral palsy, multiple sclerosis, acquired brain injuries, Parkinson’s disease and spina bifida. CE operates from a core belief in neuroplasticity – the lifelong ability of the brain to reorganize neural pathways based on new experiences – and on the premise that no matter how severe the disability, people can learn and improve when they are motivated. Conductive Education helps individuals learn their way to independence. CE is a widely accepted practice with proven success across the globe, and is integrated into the community rehabilitation and educational systems in Hungary, Israel, Germany and Great Britain.

Conductive Education methodology has a transformative effect on mobility and independence. Using a holistic and intensive approach that combines medical knowledge with educational methods, clients can gain control over their bodies – and accomplish tasks that the families may have never thought possible.

Conductive Education has the potential to make a significant, life-changing impact on the mobility and independence of close to 9 million people in the United States and Canada. Millions more will also indirectly benefit – spouses, parents and caregivers – by having loved ones become more independent, motivated and self-sufficient. With increased mobility, strength, problem-solving skills, confidence, and self-esteem, not only will the client’s quality of life be improved, but so will the entire family.

To find out if Conductive Education is right for you or a loved one, or for more information about Sara’s Garden, please contact Matt Rychener, Executive Director at (419) 335-7272 or via email at mattr@sarasgarden.org.

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