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We are so excited to announce that New Horizons Academy now has its very own alma mater anthem. From the moment Mr. Marty started working at NHA this past January, he felt that NHA should have its own anthem that spoke to the school’s mission and vision. After spending time connecting with the amazing students and staff at the school, he was inspired to pen our first official alma mater.

New Horizons we sing your praises each and every day.
For here we learn that we are colors in a stunning rich array.
With peace and love and hope we dare to proudly, boldly speak.
At NHA we celebrate we’re each remarkably unique.
Where e’er our paths may take us to whatever distant shore.
One voice will rise above them all as we sing ‘Soar Eagles, Soar!’

We are in the process of having a score composed for these lyrics so that we can all sing it together at the New Horizon Academy’s very first graduation ceremony this coming May!

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