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The after school programs offered by Sara’s Garden are designed to be productive, purposeful, and creative and are structured to provide children with disabilities quality activities aimed to assist with their individual development.

Through the use of our innovative services, our goal is to provide students with unique opportunities that can help them develop essential developmental, academic and social skills.

Our after school programs seek to accomplish this by:

  • Encouraging children to think critically.
  • Engaging children in activities that are developmentally appropriate.
  • Providing interventions and therapies that are geared toward the promotion of optimal physical and cognitive development.
  • Encouraging sharing and cooperation.
  • Encouraging children to play and work independently and as a member of a group
  • Helping each child recognize the rights, feelings and property of others.

Our approach is flexible, with the teachers, therapists and intervention specialists able to vary the daily program in response to your child’s needs and interests.

Our program provides children with developmentally-appropriate activities, as well as, opportunities for growth, skill development, and fun! We believe all children have the potential to succeed, and (together) it is our job as parents, educators, therapists, and intervention specialists to encourage their success.

Students will be growing, learning, and having fun… Come experience the difference!


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