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Learn how your group can make an impact


Thank you so much for your interest in supporting Sara’s Garden! We could not achieve our mission without the countless corporations, small businesses, foundations, groups and individuals who provide their valuable resources and gifts of time and talent that allow us to serve our clients, students and families each year.

Volunteer groups do not need to have any specialized skills or experience. Sara’s Garden staff will provide an instructional briefing at the beginning of the day on tasks to be performed, and remain available throughout the day to offer additional guidance or answer questions as needed. A tour of our facilities and and an overview of our mission will also be provided for your group.

  • Days of Service
    Many companies, churches, sports teams and groups volunteer with Sara’s Garden each year. Some of these groups assist with light landscaping work, while others help with small maintenance projects around our campus. Groups have ranged in size from 5 to 30 or more. The typical timeframe for a day of service is 10 am-2 pm, and can be hosted rain or shine. Volunteers are asked to wear comfortable clothes when working outside.
  • Host a Fundraising Event
    Sara’s Garden is deeply appreciative of the time and effort it takes to host an event that will raise funds and awareness for our organization. Many organizations and groups have chosen to help support our mission by hosting a silent auction, product event party, or other fundraising event to enlist support among their employees and families. Sara’s Garden supports these wonderful outreach efforts by providing our logo for use, and arranging for Sara’s Garden staff to attend these events, when possible.
    In addition to group volunteer opportunities there are also many individual volunteer opportunities available as well.

To schedule a volunteer day for your corporation, business or group, please call 419.335.7272 or email