NHA Classroom Toy Drive

We’re asked all the time for simple ways that families can help support our students and their classrooms.

One such option that is often overlooked, yet incredibly important, is the need for sensory toys that can be used to support the interventions and therapies being provided.

Every child benefits from having toys to play with. Toys help a child develop motor skills, creativity, social skills and other things they will need for growth and development. But for a child with autism or other special needs, toys play an even more vital role. Sensory toys help children with special needs gain a measure of control over their environment. Sensory toys for autism development are important because they help the child to learn problem-solving skills, something that many children with autism struggle to do. What may look like simple play with sensory toys for children with special needs is actually the process of education in action.

Having the right kind of sensory toys for autism education is very important to the development of the children in the classroom. Millions of children are affected by some kind of special need or disability that affects their ability to learn in a conventional way. Because of that, NHA incorporates various sensory related toys into our classrooms for special needs students.

We are holding a classroom toy drive to help collect toys so our kids can play! You can help make Christmas a little merrier for our kids and their classrooms.

Thank you so much for making a difference at our school.

Merry Christmas!

Students and Teachers at New Horizons Academy

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