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This is clearly not how we wanted to be serving our students. No one ever envisioned that we would be facing such a unique challenge in how we are allowed to interact with each other. Thankfully, our paras, teachers and therapists have been up for the challenge and have enjoyed their opportunities to to get to know our students in whole new ways. They have enjoyed being able to share their own children with their students as they’ve done virtual lessons, read stories and played together through the computer.

We are SO PROUD of the perseverance and communication we’ve seen from our staff. Their passion and commitment to our students and families has been inspiring. We have loved seeing the paraprofessionals stepping in and making videos, running lessons or leading story times. The entire team came together with their concerns and ideas and were able to work as such a close team that it came together as something we hope you can all be proud of. We are so very thankful for this amazing team.

We are SO BLESSED by the support we’ve have from the families we serve. Thank you for working with us in finding creative ways to stay in touch! We know this has been hard on you. Thank you for helping make time for us to have our “silly” video incentives and spend time together with staff. Your commitment to this process has been crucial in helping our students to stay motivated while completing school work from home!  It has been so much fun getting to know more about our students and their families (and even pets) through this crazy process.

We are happy to report that Taco (our retired therapy dog) has even been getting the opportunity to reconnect with students too!

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