Support Katherine Lopez

Support Katherine Lopez

As most of you know, I am from Fremont, Ohio. I raised three children by myself and worked in a factory in order to finally buy a house of our own.

While going out for coffee with an old friend, the vehicle I was riding in was struck by a very large pickup truck which was going about 65mph. I sustained injuries to my hip and spine. The resulting whiplash impacted my ability to breathe and swallow. I was left with spinal stenosis and a bad limp. Because I was unable to work as a result of my injuries, I lost my job. My friend, who suffered similar injuries died while undergoing medical treatment for the injuries he sustained from the accident.

I’ve continued to experience pain which has resulted in decreased mobility ever since the accident. Unfortunately, doctors are telling me there is nothing they can do for me besides giving me more medications to deal with the pain. I don’t want to spend the rest of my life on a host of medications and refuse to accept that this is just going to be my new normal. I’ve started researching additional holistic treatment options so that I can return to work and get my life back.

In my search for alternative therapies and solutions to help me move better and reduce my pain, I discovered Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy and have learned how it has been used to treat many different conditions such as spinal stenosis. HBOT decreases inflammation and swelling and increases the body’s white blood cell activity to boost the immune system. It also accelerates the formation of blood vessels and nerve endings and increases the production of stem cells by eight-fold. It helps the body to heal much faster than it could on its own. However, in the United States insurance companies do not recognize HBOT as being therapeutic for treatment of many conditions for which it is beneficial and will therefore not cover the cost of the treatments.

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy for my condition is only $150 per treatment at Sara’s Garden (as opposed to $1,500-2,500 per treatment at a hospital). Unfortunately, in the United States insurance companies do not recognize HBOT as being therapeutic for the treatment of spinal stenosis and will therefore not cover the cost of the treatments. Since my plan is to receive at least 40 HBOT treatments that cost adds up quickly. This is a very hard thing for me to admit since I’m so used to taking care of myself and not depending on anyone else to meet my family’s needs. I could really use your help!

If you could assist me with the cost (or even just part of the cost) of a single $150 treatment it would help reduce my overall expenses greatly. 100% of the funds donated will go into an account in my name and will be used for my treatments. Any contribution made would be considered a tax-deductible donation as Sara’s Garden is a 501(c)(3) non-profit facility. Checks can be made out to Sara’s Garden with my name on a sheet of paper accompanying the check. Please do NOT write my name directly on the check. You can also make donations online via credit card by clicking on the DONATE NOW button below.

I would be so grateful if you would be able to help me in any way. Thank you so much for considering to support my treatments at Sara’s Garden!

Katherine Lopez

Sara’s Garden is a 501(c)(3) organization. Your charitable contribution is tax deductible under 501(c)(3) of the IRS code, to the extent allowed by law. A receipt will be sent to you after your pledge has been received to use for tax purposes.