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If You’re a Caregiver, Remember It’s OK to Ask for Help.

If You Know a Caregiver, Offer to Help!

If you’ve ever tried to offer a caregiver a hand, you’ve probably found that it is very hard for him or her to accept help or assistance. Nurturers by nature are used to offering help and support, but they really struggle when they find themselves on the receiving end. Most caregivers don’t want to bother anyone, put anyone out, or seem like they can’t handle everything on their own; so even when people willingly offer to help, they have a natural tendency to smile and politely decline the help. But that doesn’t mean you should stop trying to help.

Here are six things you can do to bring a smile to the face of a caregiver in your life.

  1. Caregivers WANT to be remembered even if they have been caregiving for years. Over that time, friends often quit calling or stopping by, so CALL. Call just to see how they are doing or if they need anything. Let them know you haven’t forgotten them and still care! It will mean the world to them.
  2. Spring is just around the corner. Offer to plant some flowers to brighten your friend’s yard and day.
  3. Remember your friend’s birthday, as well as their loved one’s special day with a card or cake.
  4. Have you ever heard your friend mention any household “fix it” jobs that are screaming for attention? Maybe you and a few others can pitch in to help with it or hire a handyman for an afternoon.
  5. The next time that you’re cooking a meal, double the recipe, and share it with your friend. Give him or her a night off of cooking, but please be sure to take any special dietary needs into consideration.
  6. Holidays in general can be tough; so a special pie, cake, cookies, decorations, or even a small seedling can bring a lot of joy for Earth Day, Arbor Day, Mother’s Day, Father’s, or even the Fourth of July.

These are just a few things you can do for the caregiver in your life. There are lots of other things, so be creative! But please remind them to take care of themselves. Knowing that someone is thinking of them during a difficult time can make all the difference in the world!

Never underestimate the power of a kind word or a caring gesture! No matter how simple, it will make a difference!

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