Mobile Opportunities on the Horizon

Back in February, we thanked the Zeisloft Family Trust for their unbelievable support of our organization and teased about an exciting upcoming project at our Special Grounds vocational training center.

Well, the cat (or truck) is out of the bag and we can finally share that we were awarded a brand new coffee truck! This amazing vehicle was custom fabricated for us from the ground up over in Elkhart, Indiana. We duplicated every piece of equipment from the cafe into the truck, making it easier for staff to train and support our students.

This mobile vocational center will expand our current capability out into Northwest Ohio to reach additional special needs students, specifically the students at our Springfield campus and partner schools. It will allow us to further educate the surrounding communities about the vocational needs of young adults with disabilities and promote the awareness that every community can and should support all of its students and community members. 

We are so thankful and grateful to the Zeisloft Family Trust for establishing a lasting legacy of vocational, recreational, and therapeutic skill development for special needs children and youth through Sara’s Garden, New Horizons Academy and Special Grounds Coffee Co.! Thank you, Zeisloft Family Trust, for making the future brighter for children and young adults with disabilities!

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