HBOT Helps Restore Dreams and Plans

Woody Allen once said, “If you want to make God laugh, tell him about your plans.” Tony had been involved in ministry off and on for many years. He developed a passion for church planting and dreamed of planting a new church when he finished his residency.

Unfortunately, his plans hit a severe and sudden wall (or in this case truck) in early 2022. On Valentine’s Day, Tony was driving back from visiting his mother at a nursing home in Whitehouse. Doctors believe he had an allergic reaction and passed out, causing his vehicle to drift left of center striking a semi-truck head on. The impact was so intense that he broke the truck’s axle. The semi delivered an even more horrific blow to Tony. Tony’s car was so severely crushed that it was virtually unrecognizable. Tony ended up damaging his eyes and ears, breaking his foot, lower back, most of the ribs on his left side and suffered a collapsed lung. It was truly a miracle that he survived.

Following his accident, Tony underwent countless surgeries in hopes of repairing the damage to his body. Despite the doctors’ best efforts through these surgeries, Tony was still plagued with constant migraines, back aches and body pain. He struggled with getting a good night’s sleep and experienced concerning depression. Tony’s massage therapist told him that his body was so hard that it felt like concrete. He eventually exhausted his physical therapy sessions through insurance after not showing adequate progress. Tony was not able to work for over a year due to the struggles and setbacks he experienced throughout his recovery process.

Chiropractic, physical, and massage therapy were able to relieve some physical tension but couldn’t address the constant pain, and migraines Tony was living with. Unfortunately, the only plausible treatments and relief doctors were able to offer came through the endless barrage of different medications. However, these drugs eventually began to take a toll on him physically and he knew something had to change.

Tony’s pastor had originally mentioned Sara’s Garden to him shortly after the accident. At the time, he didn’t understand how HBOT could help his situation and he wasn’t in the right frame of mind to try and learn. It wasn’t until months later, when he became concerned with the path all of the medications were taking him down, that he started to look into Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy more diligently.

He was surprised and encouraged to learn how HBOT had been successful in treating traumatic brain injuries. Research showed that many military troops who have served in Iraq and Afghanistan are returning home with TBI and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). In the past few years there have been numerous Defense Department-led studies looking at the effects of HBOT on troops with TBI. HBOT is an effective and economical treatment for TBI and PTSD, without the very dangerous and negative side effects of antipsychotic medication. Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy has also been shown to improve client’s fine and gross motor skills, speech, thinking (cognition), memory and physical healing.

For Tony, HBOT provided immediate feedback as to its effectiveness. Tony experienced significate relief within the first 45 minutes of his initial session. He stated, “I noticed the constant ‘thudding’ in my head went away. For the first time in a long time, there was clarity in my thinking.’

Since completing treatments, Tony is overjoyed to report that the migraines which had plagued him for so long have finally gone away. He has noticed more flexibility with his back and felt there was finally a shift in his body’s healing. People have commented that he looks so much better and seems to have better control of his body movements and surety in his gait.

Tony has expressed, “I feel great and am so thankful for these treatments. My bones are healed, my migraines have dissipated, and my back is loosening up. Everyone at Sara’s Garden was so helpful and friendly. I cannot begin to tell you how much this process has meant to me. I grow stronger every day and have much better mental clarity.”

Thanks to Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy at Sara’s Garden, Tony was once again able to turn his focus to the plans and dreams he had before his accident. He has started seeking work and by the grace of God, has started a new church plant endeavor in central Ohio.

No matter what you’ve been told, there is hope… for this and many other conditions. HBOT is treatment without drugs… without surgery… without pain.

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