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Below are some client success stories that we’ve had the joy to experience first hand here at Sara’s Garden:

Oxygen In. Pain & Surgery Out.

As a high school senior, Val was in a car accident during the winter of 1992. Because she had no visible injuries at the scene, she refused going to the hospital. Unfortunately, the effects of [...]

PTSD Goes Far Beyond the Battlefield

When someone suffers a violent or horrifying experience, the trauma can often follow them around for years. From accident victims to soldiers, countless people have found themselves haunted by [...]

What If?

Andrew and Ashley had always envisioned children in their family’s future (although the exact number was always up for debate). After being married a little over a year, they decided they were [...]

Now You Hear It, Now You Don’t

Few things can be as baffling (and concerning) as waking up one morning and discovering that your hearing is completely gone. In February 2016, Elisabeth experienced sudden hearing loss in her [...]

Then and Now. Ten Years After HBOT.

There are some days you just never forget. For Marjorie (Marj) Monhollen, one of those days happened back in 1998 when five-year-old Brittany Cortez entered her life. After being removed from [...]

Extremely Premature. Abundantly Blessed.

Fragile, tiny twins battling for their lives. After trying to get pregnant for over two years, it wasn’t supposed to be this way. There had been no complications. There had been no warnings. Yet [...]

Some Miracles Come in Pairs

Twins. Twins?! For Brittany, this revelation should have brought with it a sense of expectation and joy. Instead it was followed by an overwhelming sense of despair. Brittany was informed that [...]

The Empty Wheelchair

Most people spend the first week of a new year with great intensions of making healthy, life-changing goals and resolutions, and then worrying about how long it will be until they break them. For [...]

Life Beyond a Wheelchair… One Step at a Time

Who doesn’t enjoy a relaxing drive in the country on a beautiful, sunny day? Windows down… breeze blowing. Have you ever thought for one second that something as seemingly harmless as a receipt [...]

Breaking the Chain of Pain

It was supposed to be a small surgery. Simple. In and out. In May of 2009 Kevin had what was supposed to be minor outpatient surgery to relieve pain in his left big toe brought about by years of [...]

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