Thank You Toledo Elks and Zeisloft Family Trust!

Our conductors have often joked that our buildings are “TOO HANDICAP ACCESSIBLE”! Initially, that sounded like an oxymoron. We serve individuals with disabilities. How in the world could our facilities be “too accessible”?

We encounter steps and uneven surfaces everywhere… at home, at work, at church, while shopping or attending sporting events. How were we to help kids and adults with neuromotor disabilities navigate stairways, curbs, even climbing into transportation when everything around them was so flat? We are so grateful to the Toledo Elks and Zeisloft Family Trust for providing the solution!

We were granted a dynamic stair and incline trainer for both our Wauseon and Springfield campuses! These amazing therapy devices incorporate stairs, incline, and parallel bars in one apparatus for our conductors to use with both our students and adult clients. One side has stairs and the other side has an inclined ramp that can be adjusted to meet the needs of the user.

Thank you so much Toledo Elks and Zeisloft Family Trust for your support of our mission and the students and clients we serve!

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