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When our son hears loud noises, he used to get really quiet and withdrawn and then would start screaming and crying and throwing a fit. Since he has started Sensory Integration services at Sara’s Garden, we have noticed that he is throwing fits less and  is finding other ways to deal with it. Yesterday we went to my parents’ church for their Easter service. They had a huge processional with Jesus coming down the aisle to very loud drums and music. He watched intently. After the processional, we had the normal worship music. During this time he stood in front of me and had me put my hands over his ears and he just stood there. He then told me that the music was too loud. I was able to squeeze him the way he showed me that Mrs. Michelle did it that he liked and his body immediately started relaxing. He was able to deal with the loud music without crying or screaming. He was then fine through the rest of the service. I wanted to share this story with you and thank you so much for everything that you are doing to help my son. I cried during church yesterday in relief that he is getting the tools he needs “to cope” (as he tells me) with his world. I truly feel you are an answer to my 4 year long prayer for help and direction for him. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. You are making such a difference not only in my son’s life, but in so many other lives as well.

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