Sara’s Garden to Host 2018 ACENA Conference

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Save the Date. We hope you can all attend!

Sara’s Garden is proud to announce that we will be hosting this year’s ACENA Conference in August. The Association for Conductive Education in North America (ACENA) is the representative body of programs and professionals providing Conductive Education services within the North American continent.

We are so excited to be able to convene hundreds of dedicated conductors, administrators and professionals from across the world to learn, connect, envision and build the future of the practice of Conductive Education.

The working theme of the conference this year is: CONDUCTIVE EDUCATION ~ BLENDING TRADITION AND INNOVATION. The conference aims to highlight how the discipline of Conductive Education is a holistic approach to intervention that bridges the gap between educational and therapy services.

The conference’s keynote speaker is Dr. Lynne Gauthier, Assistant Professor of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation at The Ohio State University. Dr. Gauthier will be presenting on “Neuroplasticity, Rehabilitation & Gaming.” Though a relative newcomer to Ohio State, Dr. Gauthier has made significant inroads in finding collaborators and obtaining funding to support a research program that uses neuroimaging techniques to study the clinical efficacy of constraint-induced movement therapy (CI therapy), which is used to treat hemiparesis resulting from stroke, cerebral palsy, and brain injury.

This conference should be an invaluable resource to professionals, educators, special education teachers, physical therapists, occupational therapists, speech therapists, physicians, social workers, program directors and administrators and parents of children with special needs. We hope you are able to attend.

The 2018 ACENA Conference will be held at historic Sauder Village, in Archbold, Ohio from August 27-29.

For more information on conference details and registration or how to become an exhibitor and/or sponsor please visit the website at or contact Jackie Rice via email at or phone by calling 419.335.7272.

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