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NHA Students Take a Bow, Because We’re All Just a Bunch of FLAKES!

Take a bow New Horizons Academy (NHA) students, teachers, and Christmas Musical Coordinator Melissa Valentine! You all put on a dynamite show, and reminded us that we are all unique, have all different talents, gifts, and abilities; and in the end, we’re all just a bunch of (snow)FLAKES.

On December 10 at Pettisville Missionary Church, NHA preschool to high school students shivered, shimmied, sang, and shook their booties for a full house of over 500 parents, friends, family members, and even community well-wishers. They put on FLAKES, NHA’s second annual Christmas musical, directed by music teacher Valentine. During the musical, the North Wind started blowing, and the temperatures started dropping and dropping down to 10 below zero. A big blizzard hit the stage with a cool bunch of jazzy, finger-snappin’ snowflakes. The Flakes and Snirts helped the Littlest Snowflake to see how no two flakes are alike and that we are all special in our own way. This important lesson culminated with the refrain:

You’re one, one in a million!
No other ‘neath the sun.
You’re one, one in a million!
And the reasons you’re special are a million in one.
Just one in a million, but you’re a million in one!

Without Melissa, this Christmas miracle would not have been possible. Without all of her hard work, vision, dedication, and creativity, the show would not have gone on. It was her inspiration, her brain child. She found or created the absolute perfect role for each of our students’ abilities and personalities and corralled and coached over 100 of our special needs kids through the entire Christmas show. Melissa was truly our miracle worker!

Just as everyone is special and unique in their own way, so everyone helped make this musical a night to remember from our students to our staff to our family and even community. Thank you NHA and Northwest Ohio for making our students feel like stars (and FLAKES)!

If you missed this special Christmas show, check out all of the musical pictures on the New Horizons Academy’s Facebook page.

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