Thank You Roach Family Foundation!

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New Horizons Academy’s students, parents, teachers, and staff want to THANK the Roach Family Foundation for their generosity in supporting our behavioral management program!

Through this funding, New Horizons Academy will be able to subscribe to the Chartlytics Behavioral Software System. This behavioral tracking system will make it so much easier, more efficient, and less time-consuming for our staff to track students’ progress on their IEP behavioral goals and objectives. Teachers, behavioral specialists, and parents will now be able to track behavioral patterns, which may help our students to reach their behavioral goals sooner. Such patterns may include specific behaviors or escalated behaviors occurring during certain times of the day, classes, before or after meals, or around certain peers or adults. These are all variables, which could be adjusted to help students to reach their short-term and long-term behavioral goals.

With the large amount of data to track, the Chartlytics Behavior Software will help us to turn a mountain of data into a trackable program, which will help us to monitor student progress and give parents true hope for behavioral change!

Thank You!

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