White to Gray: The Hyperbaric Way

White to Gray: The Hyperbaric Way

The nursery is decorated. The tiny clothes are washed and folded. The hospital bag is packed. Becoming a parent is simultaneously one of the most beautiful and scariest moments that we may encounter in our lives. Many parents understand the joys of having a child as something they wouldn’t trade for all the riches in the world.

Denny and Charli were eager to begin the next chapter of their lives with their new son. From the moment they received the news that they were expecting, they couldn’t wait to hold their new bundle of joy. They were thrilled when Kye was born on January 23, 2014, a beautiful, healthy baby boy. Unfortunately, that joy soon turned to terror when, shortly after his birth, Kye began to exhibit signs of seizures.

Doctors used a cooling blanket on Kye in hopes of decreasing the amount of cerebral edema, or swelling, around his brain. This cold blanket reduced Kye’s core temperature from 98 degrees to 91 degrees over a period of 72 hours, triggering a protective hypothermia in hopes of preventing further brain damage.

During this time, Kye continued to suffer additional seizures and stopped breathing numerous times. Once the cooling process was complete, Kye’s body was warmed back to normal temperature. Doctors then performed an MRI and an EEG to get a better picture of what was going on inside his little head. After reviewing Kye’s first MRI, Denny and Charli were given the terrifying news that virtually his entire brain was damaged and consisted only of white brain matter. Doctors could find no evidence of any gray brain matter.

The primary function of gray matter is to carry sensory information that comes from grey matter cells and sensory organs. This information is then passed to the areas of the brain that process sensory information. Intelligence and skill are often attributed to this brain matter, largely because it covers so much of the brain. Unlike white matter, gray matter is crucial in the development of muscle control, cognition (such as how things are seen and heard or the formation of memories) as well as speech and emotions. The fact that Kye’s brain did not possess any gray matter did not bode well for any potential development.

When Kye was released from the hospital, he was placed on two seizure medications as he continued to experience subclinical seizures every day. His parents were given a very uncertain and disheartening prognosis for what Kye’s future and quality of life was going to be.

From the moment they heard the news of his first MRI, Denny and Charli both agreed that they would do anything in their power to provide their son with the best possible outcome and chance for a bright future. They began to research Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy and learned of its successes in treating children with traumatic brain injuries who suffer from seizures. Unfortunately, they were warned against doing HBOT treatments with Kye and told that it was a complete waste of time.

When Kye first arrived at Sara’s Garden for treatments, he had not yet achieved any of his development milestones. He wasn’t looking around or tracking movement. He wasn’t making facial expressions or clasping his hands around objects. All indications were that Kye wasn’t responding to outside stimuli and was neurologically blind.

Early on in Kye’s treatments, his parents and family began noticing changes taking place. He was becoming aware of things going on around him. He began responding to touch and tracking movement. His motor functions improved as well as he began crossing midline and reaching for and grasping his bottle. One particular evening, Charli received a telephone call. When she went to answer her cell phone she noticed that the glow of the screen had caught Kye’s attention and he began following the movement of the phone. She was so excited as Kye had never before done anything like this.

Kye is now hitting all of his development milestones. According to Kye’s parents, his Occupational and Physical Therapists have been nothing but thrilled with the progress he has made. Miraculously, Kye’s last EEG came back completely normal! In fact, tests now show that his brain does indeed consist of gray brain matter everywhere it is supposed to be. Seeing Kye make such amazing progress has been very exciting to Denny and Charli. They are so thankful that Kye’s development is turning out much differently than what they were originally told.

Kye is actually progressing so well now that doctors have a hard time distinguishing the difference between Kye and a “typical” baby. Denny and Charli believe they owe so much of Kye’s progress to the Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy treatments that Kye received at Sara’s Garden.

For Denny and Charli, it’s been a long year filled with uncertainty and apprehension. Thanks to Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy at Sara’s Garden, Denny and Charli no longer fear what Kye’s quality of life will be and have renewed dreams for his future. No matter what you’ve been told, there is hope… for this and many other conditions. HBOT is treatment without drugs… without surgery… without pain.

2014 JenAbby Memorial Run

2014 JenAbby Memorial Run

Calling all runners and walkers! It’s time to lace up! On Saturday, November 15, 2014 the 2nd Annual JenAbby Memorial Run will be held in Wauseon, OH at North Clinton Mennonite Church. We’re excited to announce that Sara’s Garden has been chosen as one of the charities that will received a portion of the proceeds from this year’s event.

Event Date:Saturday, November 15, 2014
Event Location:North Clinton Mennonite Church
 831 West Linfoot Street, Wauseon, Ohio 43567

Two weeks before Christmas in 2010, Doug Yoder, his wife (Jennifer), and their 10 year old daughter (Abigail) were involved in a car accident while on their way to do Christmas shopping in Toledo. The accident claimed the lives of Jennifer and Abigail. Soon after the accident, Doug’s pastor expressed a desire to run a marathon with Doug, much like the marathon of grief experienced with loosing these loved ones. The first JenAbby Memorial Run took place in November of 2013 and included a full marathon. Doug and his pastor ran this marathon together. The JenAbby Memorial Run is is an even to commemorate the lives of Jen and Abby, whose birthdays are on November 16 and November 14. It is also a chance for people to encourage one another to press on for the ultimate prize, eternal life with God, the creator of the heavens and earth.

Register for Event

Race Day Registration

  • 6:30 AM – North Clinton Mennonite Church, 831 W Linfoot St., Wauseon, Ohio 43567

Half Marathon

  • Starts at 8:00 AM
  • 13.1 Miles – Last transport leaves at 7:30 AM
  • $30.00 registration (through 10/1 at 11:59 PM EDT – only 6 days left)
  • $35.00 late registration (10/1 at 11:59 PM EDT through 10/27 at 11:59 PM EDT)

10K Event

  • Starts at 9:00 AM
  • 6.2 Miles
  • $20.00 registration (through 10/1 at 11:59 PM EDT – only 6 days left)
  • $25.00 late registration (10/1 at 11:59 PM EDT through 10/27 at 11:59 PM EDT)

5K Event

  • Starts at 9:00 AM
  • 3.1 Miles
  • $20.00 registration (through 10/1 at 11:59 PM EDT – only 6 days left)
  • $25.00 late registration (10/1 at 11:59 PM EDT through 10/27 at 11:59 PM EDT)

Course Information

  • The half-marathon is a point to point course (with transportation to the start).
  • All other races start and finish at North Clinton Mennonite Church.
  • Flat and fast courses using both roads and the paved portions of the Wabash Cannonball Trail in Wauseon.
  • All courses are accurately measured with mile markers and aid stations on the courses.

Awards/Age Groups/Prizes

  • Overall male / female, overall master (40+) male / female
  • Ten Year Age group awards overall age group 14 & under, 15-24, 25-34, 35-44, 45-54, 55-64, 65+
  • Minimum age in the Half-Marathon is 15.
  • Finishers award to all participants

Shirts, Refreshments, and Other Information

  • All pre-registered participants will receive a shirt. Race day shirts will be limited.
  • Food, fruit, and sport drink will be available at the finish.
  • Early Packet pickup on Friday, November 14 at the church from 6 PM to 8 PM along with a pasta dinner (free will donation)

Volunteers are needed to help make the event a success. We are in need of volunteers to help with water stations, route support, finish line, registration, and transporters. If you are interested in volunteering contact Michelle Haase at michelle.haase@northclinton.org.

Why Essential Oils are Essential

Why Essential Oils are Essential

What Are Essential Oils?
Essential oils are the subtle, aromatic and volatile liquids extracted from the flowers, seeds, leaves, stems, bark and roots of herbs, bushes, shrubs, and trees, through distillation. They are the oldest form of remedies and cosmetics known to man. At one time they were considered more valuable than gold. There are 188 references to oils in the Bible. Science is only now beginning to investigate the incredible healing properties of essential oils.

The Properties of Essential Oils
The effectiveness of essential oils cannot be fully understood without some discussion of frequency. Frequency is the measurable rate of electrical energy flow that is constant between any two points. Everything has frequency. In his book The Body Electric, Dr. Robert O. Becker establishes that the human body has an electrical frequency and that much about a person’s health can be determined by the person’s frequency.

In 1992, Bruce Tainio of Tainio Technology, an independent division of Eastern State University in Cheney, Washington, built the first frequency monitor in the world. Tainio determined that the average frequency of the human body during the daytime is 62 to 68 MHz. (A healthy body frequency is (62 – 72 MHz.) When the frequency drops, the immune system is compromised. If the frequency drops to 58 MHz, cold and flu symptoms appear. At 55 MHz, diseases like Candida take hold; at 52 MHz, Epstein-Barr and at 42 MHz, Cancer.

According to Dr. Royal R. Rife, every disease has a frequency. He found that certain frequencies can prevent the development of disease and that others would destroy disease. Substances with higher frequency will destroy diseases of lower frequency. The study of frequencies raises an important question about the frequencies of the substances we eat, breathe, and absorb. Many pollutants lower healthy frequency. Processed/canned food has a frequency of ZERO!! The frequency of fresh produce is only 15 MHz, dry herbs from 12 to 22 MHz and fresh herbs from 20 to 27 MHz. Pure essential oils have a very high frequency. Essential oils start at 52 MHz and go as high as 320 MHz, which is the frequency if rose oil.

Benefits of Essential Oils
Essential oils detoxify the body. They strengthen the immune system attacking only the harmful bacteria, allowing our body’s friendly flora to flourish. Essential oils are multi-dimensional, filled with homeostatic intelligence to restore the body to a state of healthy balance.

Essential oil molecules send information to cells and cleanse receptor sites so that they bring your body back to natural function. Oils are balancing to the body. Oils address the causes of disease at a cellular level by deleting misinformation and reprogramming correct information so that cells function properly and in harmony with one another. Because essential oils properly applied always work toward the restoration of proper bodily function, they do not cause undesirable side effects. They are feeding the body with truth.

Like HBOT, Essential Oils Cross the Blood Brain Barrier
Every cell in the body requires oxygen to function as well as survive.

The blood brain barrier is much like a filter. Molecules that are too large cannot pass through it. Its purpose it to protect the brain from invaders and harm. Because of its limiting permeability, it also limits entry to potentially helpful agents such as antibiotics, etc.

Oxygen in the presence of pressure (Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy) is not selective; it does not discriminate.  It goes everywhere and anywhere in the body and to every cell for healing. Under pressure, oxygen has the unique ability to cross the blood brain barrier even in the absence of appropriate red blood cells (hemogloblin).  It is not reliant upon red blood cells for delivery, which may be inefficient and insufficient.  Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy reduces swelling and helps maintain the integrity of the blood brain barrier.  Because the pressure in HBOT shrinks the oxygen to the point of dissolving into the blood, oxygen has the ability to pass through it.

Essential oils are much the same.  Molecularly they are small and composed of mixtures of 
dozens, even hundreds, of constituents all of which are primarily composed
of carbon, hydrogen and oxygen. Due to their molecular size, many essential oils are allowed passage across the blood brain barrier.

Although most of the components of essential oils have the power to heal, it is often the lightest chemicals that are able to penetrate first to the cells.  Some, like the monoterpenols, carry oxygen, while others such as phenols help improve the functioning of the cells by removing wastes.  The monoterpenol essential oils combined with Hyperbaric Oxygen work in a synergistic (the creation of a whole that is greater than the simple sum of its parts) manner to produce increased outcomes.

Want More Information?
If you would like more information on the science behind essential oils, the many different ways they can benefit, or would like information on where to purchase essential oils please don’t hesitate to contact Val at 419.335.7272 or via email at valn@sarasgarden.org.

Casino Night Gala 2014 Reminder

Casino Night Gala 2014 Reminder

Don’t forget!! Saturday, November 8th is fast approaching and there are only a limited number tables left for the 2014 Casino Night Gala.

Casino Night is being hosted by Don’s Automotive Group. This fun-filled event will be held at Founder’s Hall in Archbold, Ohio from 5:30-11:00 p.m. All proceeds from this event are being donated to Sara’s Garden’s handicap accessible playground project!

Don’t worry Ohio State and Michigan State fans:
The highly anticipated primetime matchup between the Buckeyes and the Spartans will be showing on a huge screen!

Casino Night will feature appetizers, a delicious dinner, dancing, prizes and silent auctions. The casino will be conducted with authentic “Las Vegas” style casino tables, casino chips, and slot machine tokens. Come enjoy a variety of games including Black Jack, Roulette, Craps, War, and token slot machines. Professional and friendly dealers will see that you have an exciting and entertaining experience! You need not be a serious gambler to enjoy Casino Night.

We’re betting you’ll have a great time at Casino Night! We look forward to seeing you there.

Event Date:Saturday, November 8, 2014
Event Location:Founder’s Hall, Sauder Village, Archbold, Ohio
Event Time:5:30-11:00 p.m.
Event Cost:$75 per Plate ($550 for an Entire Table of 8)
 Dress Attire:Semi-Formal

Sara’s Garden is a recognized 501(c)(3) non-profit organization and is the only facility in the United States to offer Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy, Conductive Education, Autism Intervention and Sensory Integration services.

Dinner Ticket Includes:

  • Appetizers
  • Dinner
  • Dessert
  • Alcoholic Beverages (Qty. 2)*
  • Soda & Water
  • Chips for Casino Activity**
Schedule of Events
5:30 p.m.
Silent Auction Opens
6:15 p.m.
7:00 p.m.
7:30 p.m.
Casino Floor Opens
10:00 p.m.
Silent Auction Closes
10:30 p.m.
Prizes & Drawings

*A cash bar with beer, wine and liquor will also be available for purchase.
**A donation is requested for additional chips.

Corporate Partnership Opportunities:
Platinum Title Partner – $4,800
  • Includes one table, event promotion, platinum title partner signage and program recognition.
Gold Table Partner – $1,200
  • Includes gold table partner activity signage and program recognition.
Silver Prize Partner – $720
  • Includes silver prize partner signage and program recognition.
Bronze Meal Partner – $360
  • Includes bronze meal partner signage and program recognition.

For additional information regarding corporate partnership or dinner ticket reservations, please contact Becky Coopshaw at 419.337.3010 or via email at b.coopshaw@donsautogroup.com. Please join us for a fun-filled casino experience.