Holistic Ovarian Cancer Care

Holistic Ovarian Cancer Care

The American Cancer Society estimates that nearly 20,000 new cases of ovarian cancer will be diagnosed in the United States this year. Ovarian cancer is relatively rare, accounting for only about 3 percent of all cancers in women. However, ovarian cancer is currently the fifth leading cause of cancer-related deaths among women in the United States.

Ovarian cancer can be a very difficult and trying disease. It has a 47% five-year survival rate… meaning that more than half of those treated by conventional oncology do not respond favorably to the treatments. Furthermore, those patients who do enter remission are likely to be faced with a recurrent and persistent form of cancer that standardized protocols are not properly equipped to combat.

Crystal had dealt with numerous health problems since she was seven years old. Despite these issues, she had always maintained an active lifestyle. To her, life is precious and she was not willing to allow health concerns to stop her from the purpose God had for her life. In 2016, Crystal was diagnosed with ovarian cancer and had a partial hysterectomy. She refused chemotherapy as she still wanted to have children and was concerned about the possible long-term, negative effects chemo would have on her body. Instead, she started receiving high IV doses of vitamin C monthly. In March 2020, Crystal learned that the cancer had spread. Doctors scraped cancer from off of her organs and performed a complete hysterectomy.

Crystal started seeing an alternative cancer specialist in Minnesota who helped create a plan for testing, diet and nutrition. This alternative approach was aimed at discovering and treating the cancer’s root cause, not the cancer itself. While ’cause’ is usually ignored by standard oncology, the Centers for Disease Control lists numerous proven cancer causes found via laboratory studies, often post-mortem. They list a host of environmental toxins, bacteria, viruses, and numerous other organisms that can enter a cell and disrupt its replication cycle. Crystal’s plan included Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) to help with detoxification, aid in stimulating the immune system and recover health.

All of the cells in the body require oxygen to survive, even cancer cells. This fact has led to a common misconception that cancer cells thrive on oxygen and accelerate the growth of cancer, making Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy ill-suited in the treatment of cancer. Several recent studies have shown this not to be the case and confirmed that HBOT does not induce cancer growth, recurrence, or metastasis. When you have tumors in your body, they often outgrow their oxygen supply. Instead of failing to survive without enough oxygen, some cancer cells can actually thrive and even resist treatment, contributing to the further growth of the cancer.

According to these studies, low oxygen levels in a cell interrupt the activity of oxidative phosphorylation, a term for the highly efficient way that cells normally use to convert food to energy. Hypoxia, which is low oxygen levels, is present in many cancer cells, including ovarian cancers. HBOT is a great adjunctive therapy to compliment most cancer treatments. By flooding your system with concentrated oxygen in your bloodstream, HBOT can help make your cancer cells easier to kill with treatments like chemotherapy and radiation while also activating the body’s natural healing process.

Additional benefits of hyperbaric oxygen therapy for cancer treatment include:

  • Triggering the growth of new blood vessels, which increases the flow of blood and nutrients to your tissue
  • Raises Ph levels in the body, making the body more basic and less acidic
  • Boosting the performance of white blood cells to prevent infection and kill bacteria
  • Reducing pressure, swelling, or pain in the cancer site
  • Reverses the negative effects and damage caused from radiation therapy

When receiving treatment for cancer, HBOT can work in synergy with chemotherapy, radiation, and a ketogenic diet. It may also mitigate the side effects of chemotherapy and radiation and decrease the recovery time after surgical procedures. The use of Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy to treat cancer side effects aims to reduce the damage to healthy tissue and blood vessels, helping the body become stronger and fight off the disease.

Her family was already familiar with HBOT as Crystal’s father had received treatments in a hyperbaric chamber in California years before to treat the Epstein-Barr virus (EBV). They were aware of Sara’s Garden’s reputation as a successful alternative treatment center. She found the staff at Sara’s Garden to be very friendly, compassionate and knowledgeable. Crystal received 9 HBOT treatments at Sara’s Garden after her last surgery and another 8 treatments a few months later.

Following treatments, Crystal noticed that not only did her lungs felt stronger, she felt better overall. Small cuts on her hands healed in only a few days, where they would normally take at least a week. The effects were subtle, yet remarkable. Most importantly, her blood tests stayed on point. Her plan is to continue to come back for a few treatments each year as an annual maintenance plan to maintain her health and wellness and states that “What HBOT has done for me was so worth my time and money.”.

Ovarian cancer patients need to know about HBOT! It is vital for patients to begin treatment as soon as possible, so knowing the symptoms is crucial. A few of these symptoms include abdominal swelling, quickly feeling full, weight loss, fatigue and back pain. Women need to check with their doctor regularly and discuss any potential symptoms. Once diagnosed, any and all options must be considered, including Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy from Sara’s Garden.

No matter what you’ve been told, there is hope… for this and many other conditions. HBOT is treatment without drugs… without surgery… without pain.

2022 Drive Fore Hope Recap

2022 Drive Fore Hope Recap

We would like to thank everyone today for the continued support of Sara’s Garden. This year’s Drive Fore Hope Charity Scramble couldn’t have been possible without the support of so many who sponsored, donated, played or volunteered for the event. We were blessed with beautiful weather and an amazing course at Ironwood Golf Course.

A special thank you to the following sponsors:

  • Platinum Title Sponsors:
    • Everence Financial
    • Farmers & Merchants State Bank
    • Returning American Warriors (RAW)
    • Rupp Seeds, Inc.
  • Gold Event Sponsors:
    • 20/20 Custom Molded Plastics
    • ACE Hardware – Wauseon
    • Circle K
    • Reitzel Ag Equipment
  • Silver Contest Sponsors:
    • Arrow Tru-Line
    • Auto Images
    • Babcock Flooring
    • Continental Plaza Car Wash & Drive Thru Carry Out
    • EagleCreek Staffing LLC
    • Holthues & Associates
    • Meyer-Badenhop Insurance
    • Miller Brother Construction, Inc.
    • Schuette Construction, Inc.
    • Subway of Archbold, Delta, Swanton, Waterville & West Unity
    • Terry Henricks Auto Group
    • Wauseon Machine & Helping Hands
    • Winzeler & Bok, LTD
  • Bronze Meal Sponsors:
    • Kinsman Propane
    • Pettisville Grain Co.
    • Swanton Welding & Machining Co.
  • O2 Tee Sponsors:
    • Beck Insurance Agency
    • Car 1
    • Cordy Insurance Agency
    • Creighton Electric
    • Edward Jones – Wauseon
    • Gearig Flooring
    • Golf Graphics
    • Grieser Transportation
    • Ironwood Golf Course
    • Krauss-Lane Electric
    • OK Electric
    • Rychener Seed
    • Tomahawk Printing Inc
    • Weeping Willow Florist

We would also like to thank Advanced America for donating the water and snacks for our players, ACE Hardware for donating a barrel pit that we were able to raffle off and Special Grounds Coffee Co. for the delicious lunch for everyone after the event!

Congratulations to Larry Zimmerman and his team from Continental Plaza Car Wash & Drive Thru Carryout for being the 1st place team for the event. A commemorative brick will be created for them and placed in the patio of our playground at NHA.

A complete photo gallery from the event can be found HERE on our Facebook page.

We look forward to seeing everyone again next year!

2022 Wheel of Purses Recap

2022 Wheel of Purses Recap

We would like to thank all of the volunteers, participants and partners that helped make the 2022 Wheel of Purses event such an amazing success. We are so blessed by the turnout and continued support that everyone has shown. Over 40 designer purses were won at the event and it was great getting back out all together for a night of fun, support and love.

A special thank you to the following sponsors:

  • Title Sponsors:
    • Anderzack-Pitzen Construction, Inc.
    • Andres O’Neil & Lowe
    • Defiance Moose Family Center
  • Event Sponsors:
    • Defiance Meijer Store #189
    • Everence
  • Purse Sponsor:
    • Winzeler & Bok

We would also like to thank the following businesses who donated items for our raffles and games:

  • Azteca
  • Root Salon
  • Imagination Station
  • Weeping Willow Florist
  • Anna Martinez at Barre Beauty
  • Becca from Addington Crafts
  • Passion 4 Fashion
  • Marigold Market
  • Los Mariachis
  • ACE Hardware
  • Cedar Point
  • Beth Foor with Mary Kay
  • Stella Leona Artisan Chocolates
  • Jackie Marcinkiewicz with Norwex
  • Special Grounds Coffee Co.
  • Ten Thousand Villages
  • Megan Bialuk with Color Street Nails
  • Allison Bialuk with Purposely Repurposed Boutique
  • DJ Franki Jaye along with the many other anonymous donations.

A complete photo gallery from the night’s festivities can be found HERE on our Facebook page.

We look forward to seeing everyone again next year!

Special Grounds Coffee Talk

Special Grounds Coffee Talk

Our NHA students are home on their summer break… but that doesn’t mean things slow down for the staff at Special Grounds. Our June and July summer camps at Sara’s Garden have given new groups of kiddos from both the Wauseon and Springfield campuses the opportunity to shine out at the coffee shop.

Each week, students have had the opportunity to gain valuable vocational skills and opportunities working at Special Grounds. These kids continue to amaze us! From behind the scenes tasks such as labeling cups and stamping sleeves, to making sandwiches, breakfast burritos, salads and delicious pastries, to working up on the line and register in the cafe… they’ve done an absolutely amazing job and put a smile on the face of everyone they serve and have the opportunity to work with! 

Thank You Donors!

Thank You Donors!

Sara’s Garden is SO blessed by caring Northwest Ohio organizations and businesses which are willing to help support our special needs kids and their families! A big thank you goes out to the Ohio Elks Cerebral Palsy (CP) Fund, the Lucas County Board of Developmental Disabilities (DD), the Dollar General (DG) Literacy Foundation, and members of the Holland/Springfield Rotary Club for all you do for Sara’s Garden, New Horizons Academy and all of its special needs students and their family members!

Thank You to the Ohio Elks Association, its CP Fund, and the Toledo-Sylvania Elks Lodge #53! The Ohio Elks CP Fund donated $13,700 for rehabilitative and conductive education equipment for our special needs students with CP and other neuromuscular disorders at our New Horizons Academy (NHA)-Springfield Township Campus and Greater Toledo Area. The lifts, swings, pads, and bars will assist our students from across Northwest Ohio with their conductive education (CE), occupational therapy (OT), and daily life skills needs, especially helping them with their changing and toileting routines. This equipment is very important in meeting the therapeutic, treatment, and independent care needs of our special needs students and Summer Skills Camp participants, who are from 25 different school districts and nine different counties from across Northwest Ohio.

The Ohio Elks Association provides financial aid to established Cerebral Palsy Treatment Centers, and Sara’s Garden is honored to be one of their chosen programs. Every year, Ohio Elks Lodges from across the state raise money to support organizations, which provide care, treatment, training, and rehabilitation for individuals with CP. We are so grateful to the Ohio Elks Association, the CP Fund, and the Toledo-Sylvania Elks Lodge #53 for this grant. For more information on the Ohio Elks Association or the Toledo-Sylvania Elks Lodge #53 or to make a donation to the CP Fund, please call 419-841-6653 or log onto https://www.elks.org/lodges/home.cfm?LodgeNumber=53

For the first time ever, the Lucas County Board of Developmental Disabilities (DD) awarded Sara’s Garden a $10,544 Mini Summer Camp Grant to purchase four Rifton Adaptive Tricycles for our Springfield Summer Camp’s CE Program. They will be used to meet the physical education and wellness needs of our special education students.

Rifton Adaptive Tricycles are created and customized to meet the needs of children with disabilities. The frame, seat, handlebar, and backrest pad make bicycle riding possible, comfortable, and easier for children with disabilities. The tricycles are physically adaptable for kindergarten to high school students with a wide range of physical and neurological disabilities.

The benefits of adaptive tricycles are endless. They include lower extremity strengthening, reciprocal leg motion patterning, balancing skills, using visual, spatial perception for steering, and social interaction with peers including building relationships, modeling dignity, sharing ordinary spaces and activities, and making choices together. These Rifton Adaptive Tricycles will certainly improve our students’ physical, emotional, and social health. For more information on the Lucas County Board of DD or any its programs or services, call 419-380-4000 or log onto https://lucasdd.org/.

Though changing their format for meetings, the members of the Holland/Springfield Rotary Club are staying active and involved in their communities. The Rotary Club members donated $1,000 to help support the vocational and job skill needs of our NHA-Springfield Campus students. Their donation, along with over $15,000 of vocational funding, helped to cover the cost of a motorized coffee cart, which will be used to practice and develop vocational skills while meeting the morning caffeine needs of NHA parents and area businesses. Our middle school, high school, and PACE students will be selling and delivering our own Special Grounds Coffee in and around our Springfield Campus. Watch our New Horizons Academy Facebook page for our Opening Coffee Day!

With Dollar Generals across Northwest Ohio participating in the Summer Literacy Grant Program, Sara’s Garden is so grateful to the Dollar General Literacy Foundation for supporting the development of its Special Needs Library Section with a $3,000 grant, which will be used by summer camp participants and NHA students throughout the school year. The literacy focus is on meeting the educational and intervention needs of students with specific learning needs including those preschool children to young adults who may use braille, large print, sensory-processing, tactile, and low-literacy books and educational materials. They will be utilized for one-on-one, individualized reading intervention, small group story time activities, and for reading comprehension assessments.

Special recognition needs to be given to NHA teacher Kelsey Barton and librarian Melissa Valentine for assessing and evaluating the special literacy needs of all of our NHA students and for developing a wish list for our Special Needs Library Section. Thank you, Kelsey, Melissa, and the Dollar General Literacy Foundation for meeting the specific reading and learning needs of our kiddoes! For more information about the Dollar General Literacy Foundation, log onto https://www.dgliteracy.org/.

Sara’s Garden and New Horizons Academy rely so heavily on the generosity and caring of Northwest Ohio businesses organizations, so please take a moment during your busy day to thank the Ohio Elks Cerebral Palsy Fund, the Toledo-Sylvania Elks Lodge #53, the Lucas County Board of Developmental Disabilities, the Dollar General Literacy Foundation, and members of the Holland/Springfield Rotary Club for all they do for Sara’s Garden and New Horizons Academy!

Donations continue to be accepted and fundraising efforts continue for the inclusive outdoor playground at our NHA-Springfield Township Campus in Holland. The goal is for our special needs children and students from the Greater Toledo Area to play on, enjoy, and utilize a multi-sensory, fully accessible, playground with therapy space for physical education programs, play groups, conductive education classes, recess, and rehabilitative activities. For more information on the playground project or to donate to it, please call 419-335-4NHA or email info@sarasgarden.org.

NHA Students Head Back to School

NHA Students Head Back to School

NHA Students Head Back to School with Open Houses on August 15 & 16!

We are so excited to welcome back to school all of our New Horizons Academy (NHA) students and parents at our Annual Open Houses on August 15 at our Springfield Campus in Holland and on August 16 at our Wauseon and Career Center Campuses!

To make the Open Houses a little less overwhelming for our special needs students and to give them and their parents more time to find their rooms and to talk with their teachers, principal, therapists, conductors, and classmates, NHA will be staggering its open house schedule by age groups across the two nights.

Monday, August 15
Springfield Campus—6201 Trust Dr., Holland

  • 6:00-6:30 p.m.—STARS Preschool Classes
  • 6:30-7:00 p.m.—Developmental Elementary Classes
  • 7:00-7:30 p.m.—Middle School & High School Classes
  • 7:30-8:00 p.m.—Conductive Education (CE) & PACE Program

Tuesday, August 16
Wauseon Campus—220 Lawrence Ave.

  • 5:30-6:00 p.m.—STARS Preschool Classes
  • 6:00-6:30 p.m.—Developmental & Elementary Classes
  • 6:30-7:00 p.m.—CE, Room 115 & Middle School Classes

Wauseon Campus—620 W. Leggett St.

  • 7:00-7:30 p.m.—Junior High & High School Classes

Career Center—854 S. Shoop Ave.

  • 7:30-8:00 p.m.—Career Center Program

NHA Principal Marty Friess wants to extend a special invite to all of our students and parents, “Please join us in kicking off another GREAT YEAR at New Horizons Academy in Wauseon and Springfield. We have missed all of our students over the summer, and we are so looking forward to seeing everyone at our Open Houses and starting back to school on Wednesday, August 17. Please join us at the Open Houses and help to get this year off on the right foot.”

NHA still has a few openings for this school year and is still accepting students in select classrooms at its regional special needs campuses. Classes do begin August 17; so if you are interested in enrolling your child, please contact the school today to get the enrollment process started.

At New Horizons Academy, all of our classes and programs are designed to meet the individual needs of our special education students, including their academic, behavioral, and social needs. NHA accepts both the Autism and Jon Peterson Scholarships as payment in full for our students’ tuition and therapy services during the school day. Cost is not and should not be the reason that special needs children miss out on the early intervention (EI), special education, or vocational training experiences that they so desperately need.

Is NHA Right for Your Child?

  • Regional special education classes for students aged 3-21 from over 25 different school districts from across Northwest Ohio’s 9 different counties,
  • With less than a 1:2—staff to student ratio,
  • Individualized, personalized education,
  • Strong academics, community involvement, life skills classes, vocational skills, work site placements, and job coaches,
  • Helps students to reach their full potential and become as independent as they can possibly be,
  • Including EI, CE, sensory integration, occupational therapy (OT), speech/language pathology (SLP), music instruction, and the College Credit Plus (CCP) Program,
  • Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) School,
  • Vocational opportunities through the Special Grounds Coffee Shop & Coffee Cart

Time is short. The next school year is just around the corner with Open Houses on August 15 & 16; so, call Admissions Coordinator Ronda Rupp at 419-335-7272 or email her today at rondar@sarasgarden.org to schedule a tour and get the admissions process started.

For more information on NHA or on any of its open houses, please call the school offices:

  • Wauseon—419-335-7272
  • Springfield—567-703-1322.

Fighting Depression Post Traumatic Brain Injury

Fighting Depression Post Traumatic Brain Injury

Depression is common among Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) survivors. The risk of depression after a TBI increases whether the injury is mild, moderate, or severe. It can develop as the person starts to understand the full impact of their injury. This realization can lead to feelings of hopelessness and altered self-esteem and identity as the survivor reflects over the changes that they are facing, and may continue to face in the future.

Research shows that when people without any prior mental health concerns or history of depression suffer a Traumatic Brain Injury, their risk for depression increases significantly. Some studies suggest that the risk for developing depression following a TBI may be two to five times higher than in the rest of the population. Unfortunately, researchers have not determined specific factors that cause depression after brain injuries or when it usually starts. Some people experience depression right after their injury, while others develop it a year or more later.

Many different factors contribute to depression after TBI, and these vary a great deal from person to person. Depression may result from injury to the areas of the brain that control emotions. Changes in the levels of certain natural chemicals in the brain, called neurotransmitters, can cause depression. Depression can also arise as a person struggles to adjust to temporary or lasting disability and losses or role changes within the family and society. Some people have a higher risk for depression due to inherited genes, personal or family history, and other influences that were present before the brain injury.

Prior to suffering a TBI, Tim led a care free, easy-going life. He loved having fun and enjoying life, working full-time as an ironworker. Some of his favorite activities were riding his motorcycle and playing cards with friends. He and his girlfriend were even talking marriage.

An auto accident in June 2019 changed all that. Following the accident, Tim was hospitalized for two weeks, most of which he has absolutely no memory of. He then spent two weeks in a rehab facility recovering from his physical injuries. He remembers something not feeling right in the front part of his brain. He did not laugh and was unable to cry. Depression set in as these negative feelings began controlling his mood. He stated that, “I didn’t care about anything, even though I knew I should. I was just existing, going through the motions.”

Unfortunately for Tim, he began losing more than his emotions. He lost his girlfriend and some friends in the process when his depression began to affect his relationships as they were not able to understand his condition. He looked fine on the outside. However, Tim was anything but fine on the inside and it was shaping up to be a rough road to recovery.

Tim began experiencing memory loss. He was forgetting things that he knew he should know and remember. He began seeing a counselor and psychologist. He became frustrated with that process as he felt they just wanted to keep changing his medications. He felt like he was spinning his wheels in all his sessions. Nothing was helping.

Tim’s life reached a new low point in June 2021 when he had a close encounter with a semi-truck. Even though he avoided an accident, the emotional trauma from the event completely shook him to his core. He relapsed and suffered a bout of manic depression. He began getting in trouble with the authorities, despite having no memory of the incidences. No amount of medication was working. In fact, Tim and his family feel it was making things worse.

After struggling with these feelings for over two years, Tim’s family finally sought help from the Amen Clinic, one of the world leaders in applying brain imaging science to help people who struggle with emotional issues such as anxiety, depression, and bipolar disorder. They performed a Brain SPECT (Single Photon Emission Computed Tomography) on Tim. SPECT is a state-of-the-art brain mapping tool that can give psychiatrists more information to help their patients more effectively. SPECT is a nuclear medicine study that is proven to reliably evaluate blood flow and activity in the brain. SPECT allows physicians to look deep inside the brain to observe three things: areas of the brain that work well, areas of the brain that work too hard, and areas of the brain that do not work hard enough. Following the SPECT, it was suggested that Tim would benefit from Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy.

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) has been proven to reduce cerebral edema, reduce neuro-inflammation, increases oxygen saturation to the brain, promote new blood vessel growth, reactivate idling neurons and can create an 8-fold increase in your own stem cell production. In a hyperbaric chamber, the influx of oxygen helps increase blood flow and expedites cellular repair naturally. SPECT scans show that people who have had HBOT have marked improvement in blood flow to the brain.

By giving the body what it needs to thrive – and taking away other natural pollutants for the short time – the brain experiences reduced irritability, impulsivity, and mood swings while many patients notice an increase in uplifting emotions, motor function, and IQ. In other words, HBOT addresses the root cause of anxiety and depression.

Midway through his initial round of HBOT treatments, Tim and his family began seeing benefits. He began talking more clearly and his motivation and interest in activities began to increase. He started participating in physical activity again, walking 2-3 miles with him mom every day. Since completing treatments, Tim has been able to return to the work he loved as an iron worker. Tim has been able to reduce his medications and replace them with more natural vitamin options that don’t leave him feeling so disconnected. He is so thankful to oxygen treatments at Sara’s Garden for helping aid him in his recovery.

No matter what you’ve been told, there is hope… for this and many other conditions. HBOT is treatment without drugs… without surgery… without pain.

2022 “Drive Fore Hope” Reminder

2022 “Drive Fore Hope” Reminder

Don’t forget! The 2022 “Drive Fore Hope” Charity Golf Scramble is just around the corner. We still have spots available to get your team signed up. We have put together a fun-filled day at Ironwood Golf Course in Wauseon, Ohio and hope to see you there!

  • Event Date: Friday, May 27, 2022
  • Event Location: Ironwood Golf Course, Wauseon, Ohio
  • Event Format: 4-Player Team Scramble
  • Event Cost: $75 per Player ($300 per Team)

All proceeds from this event will be used towards the purchase of therapy equipment for our clients and students at Sara’s Garden and New Horizons Academy. Sara’s Garden is a recognized 501(c)(3) non-profit organization and is the only facility in the United States to offer Autism Intervention, Conductive Education, Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Sensory Integration and Speech-Language Pathology services.

Registration Includes:

  • Scramble format (4-player teams)
  • Green and cart fees
  • Range balls
  • Goodie bag
  • Contests and prizes
  • Awards for top teams
  • Lunch Buffet
Schedule of Events
7:00 a.m.
Range Open
8:00 a.m.
Shotgun Scramble
1:00 p.m.
Lunch Buffet at NHA Career Center
2:00 p.m.
Event has ended

Partnership Opportunities

Platinum Title Partner – $1,500

  • Includes one foursome, event promotion, platinum title partner signage and program recognition.
  • This level of sponsorship will provide 15 hours of HBOT treatments or up to 43 hours of intervention services.

Gold Event Partner – $900

  • Includes one foursome, gold event partner activity signage and program recognition.
  • This level of sponsorship will provide 9 hours of HBOT treatments or up to 25 hours of intervention services.

Silver Contest Partner – $500

  • Includes one foursome, silver contest partner signage and program recognition.
  • This level of sponsorship will provide 5 hours of HBOT treatments or up to 14 hours of intervention services.

Bronze Meal Partner – $350

  • Includes bronze meal partner signage and program recognition.
  • This level of sponsorship will provide 3.5 hours of HBOT treatments or up to 10 hours of intervention services.

O2 Tee Partner – $100

  • Includes O2 tee partner signage and program recognition.
  • This level of sponsorship will provide 1 hour of HBOT treatments or up to 3 hours of intervention services.

For additional information regarding partnership opportunities or team registration for the Sara’s Garden “Drive Fore Hope” Charity Golf Scramble please contact Tara at 419.335.SARA or via email at tarad@sarasgarden.org.

Please join us for a great day of golf filled with fun, great food, auction items, skill contests and fabulous prizes. Take a day off work for a great cause and meet some of the amazing people you are golfing to help!

2022 Wheel of Purses Reminder

2022 Wheel of Purses Reminder

Ladies, you’re not going to want to miss the 2022 Wheel of Purses. Our popular designer purse event is back for 2022!

The format is brand new and more exciting than ever. We appreciate everyone’s feedback from our previous Purse Bingo and Purse Reverse events. We believe that Wheel of Purses will be an event that combines all of your favorite aspects from the previous event formats into something you are going to really enjoy!

Enjoy a fun filled Girl’s Night Out with your friends while playing for fabulous purses from the designers you love. Win designer handbags by Coach, Michael Kors, Kate Spade, Ralph Lauren and Dooney & Bourke. Over 30 handbags are available to win!

Get your tickets reserved now!

Event Date:Thursday, June 23, 2022
Event Location:Founder’s Hall at Sauder Village, Archbold, Ohio
Event Time:
Doors open at 5:30 p.m. Event begins at 6:30 p.m.
Event Cost:$50 Single Ticket | $400 Reserved Table of 8
Reserved table includes a meat, cheese & cracker tray
Event has ended

Wait till you see what we have in store for you this year… more purses, more games, more surprises, more chances to win and more fun!

Each Wheel of Purses admission ticket includes two (2) drink tickets good for coffee, lemonade, soft drinks and/or water.

Event will also feature:

  • Raffles and door prizes
  • 50/50 drawings

Available for purchase:

  • Beer, wine and mixed drinks
  • Appetizers and snacks
Open to all ages. Must present ID to be served alcohol.

All proceeds from this event will be used towards the purchase of therapy equipment, vocational supplies and educational curriculum for our clients and students at Sara’s Garden and New Horizons Academy. This funding provides invaluable resources to the children and clients we serve.

Sponsorship Opportunities

Purse Sponsor – $250

  • Includes purse sponsor signage and program recognition.

Event Sponsor – $400

  • Includes event sponsor signage and program recognition.

Title Sponsor – $900

  • Includes title sponsor signage and program recognition.
  • Includes one (1) reserved VIP table for eight (8) attendees.
  • Each VIP table attendee will also receive a special gift.

For additional information regarding tickets, reservations or sponsorship opportunities please contact Tara at 419.335.SARA or via email at tarad@sarasgarden.org.

Special Grounds Coffee Talk

Special Grounds Coffee Talk

At the beginning of the year, we began discussing the possibility of partnering with local schools, churches and non-profit organizations to develop fundraising programs to support their organizations that centered around coffee.

Typical fundraising programs promote the sale of food items (ie: candy bars, popcorn, pizza, cookie dough and various sweets). Most of these products are not locally made and come from large national wholesalers. Our hope was to create a program that would feature reasonably priced, locally sourced products that provided an amazing return on investment to the organization selling them.

Before we launched our fundraising plans, we were approached by Liberty Center Schools, who had been selling Special Grounds coffee to their school through their Tigers Breakfast and Brew Crew coffee cart. Every two weeks the LC crew loads up their carts with freshly brewed coffee from Special Grounds, hot chocolate, granola bars and donuts and begins filling and delivering orders across the district.

We developed a fundraising program for Liberty Center students to sell coffee to their friends and families. We even created a private label roast, called TIGER FUEL, specifically for Liberty Center schools to be the featured coffee in this program.

What an amazing experience this has been for all of us! Liberty Center Schools sold over 1,400 bags of coffee over the course of the past month, raising almost $9,000 for their school’s PTO.

A few LC students even had the opportunity to come tour the coffee shop and career center and helped label over 900 bags of the coffee they sold.

From start to finish, our coffee is not only benefiting the organizations with whom we partner, but it is also benefiting those individuals who are helping make the product!