CE from Sara’s Garden has Been Instrumental

Our daughter suffers from Acute Disseminated Encephala Myelitis (ADEM). It was suggested that she take advantage of the Conductive Education services offered at Sara’s Garden to improve her quality of life.

She began receiving services from Sara’s Garden in June 2014 – setting goals, improving strength and balance, working on small motor skills, cognitive thinking and retraining her brain. Since starting Conductive Education, her stamina has improved. She struggles less to stand up and her positive attitude has returned. Many of the improvements we see are small things that most people who know her would not even notice… but they are huge to her. She is able to care for her own personal needs (bathing, restroom needs and dressing). She gets in and out of the car without help. Her reasoning has improved and her handwriting is getting better all the time.

Conductive Education from Sara’s Garden has been instrumental in all of these areas. Their knowledge and use of Conductive Education far exceeds any of the physical therapy that she has received over the past 25 years. The staff at Sara’s Garden is positive, compassionate and encouraging. They work well with her and keep us apprised of what we can do to help her at home so we are benefiting from their knowledge and expertise, as well.

The ultimate goal that our daughter has set for herself is to walk on her own. Even though she has worked to achieve this goal for many years through other conventional physical therapy it never really seemed that it was possible. With Conductive Education from Sara’s Garden it seems not only possible, but achievable. With the help of God she will walk on her own again.

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