Doctors are Amazed at his Progress

My son nearly drowned at 20 months old when he fell in a swimming pool at a day care center. The doctors gave him no hope of making any improvement. We did lots of searching and tried many different types of therapies. The only one that we’ve found that truly helped him has been Conductive Education.

Since starting Conductive Education, he now sits unsupported, uses his hands, rolls over, and can now bear all of his weight on his legs and has begun to learn to walk. The doctors are amazed at his progress. Sara’s Garden has made a huge impact on his life. They have also helped to teach me so much as a parent of a child with a disability how to continue to help him to work and grow in the home. I can not express enough how thankful I am for Sara’s Garden and what they have done, not only in my son’s life, but many other children’s lives as well.

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