Conductive Education is Invaluable to our Family

For the past two years our daughter has participated in Conductive Education at Sara’s Garden in Wauseon, OH. Sara’s Garden is one of the few locations in the United States that offers this type of intense intervention service. After each summer session we have been amazed at the progress that she has made through the program.

She has participated in typical physical therapy since 10 months of age and we have seen so much more gains after a total of eight weeks of Conductive Education than after eight years of physical therapy. This type of treatment is amazing! The conductors that lead the sessions are also amazing. They know how to motivate, inspire, and teach our children so that they can do what doctors may have told us they would never do.

This summer, she began working, using a walker, with only the minimal assistance from her conductor. Never in her life has she gotten this close to finding independence in walking. Through their encouragement, her confidence increased, as did her ability. In her regular physical therapy sessions she has never been able to do this. While they worked on walking, something in the methodology of Conductive Education, really worked for her. This is a means to a more independent life for her.

I truly believe that if we had not found this treatment, she would be so much further behind in her independence that where she is now. Conductive Education is a wonderful method and is invaluable to our family! The unfortunate part is that there are minimal facilities in the United States that offer it. Sara’s Garden has been a God-send for our family. We have felt so supported, encouraged, and blessed to find and be able to utilize their expertise.

As a family, we know the benefit that Conductive Education has brought. We look forward to future sessions at Sara’s Garden. They have made a tremendous impact in the life of our child.

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