Sara’s Garden has Never Let Us Down

Our daughter has participated in three Conductive Education camps over the course of the last two and a half years. She has had around 57 sessions at Sara’s Garden. Prior to our introduction to Conductive Education, our daughter received a combination of traditional services, which included Occupational, Physical, Aquatic and Speech therapies. Thanks to the positive results of Conductive Education, our daughter is reaching new levels and continuously learning new skills.

Our now-6 year old daughter, Jordan, suffered from hyproxia at birth, resulting in a brain injury responsible for global delays and a diagnosis of mixed-tone cerebral palsy. Only a small percentage of children with cerebral palsy have mixed tone, which can be defined as a combination of spastic, athetoid, and/or ataxic cerebral palsy. The spastic cerebral palsy generates high muscle tone, while the athetoid cerebral palsy causes involuntary movements. The ataxic cerebral palsy causes low muscle tone, a lack of balance and unsteady hands. Jordan has high muscle tone in some muscles, and low muscle tone in others.

We chose Sara’s Garden so that our daughter could receive high quality services incorporating the values, principles and practices of Conductive Education in a positive, caring environment – and the staff at Sara’s Garden has never let us down. Over the past two years, they have helped provide her with inspiration, confidence and a positive attitude towards developing her physical abilities. At Sara’s Garden, there is an emphasis on ensuring that each child becomes as independent as possible, and the resulting overall progress has been a joy for me and my husband to see.

We are amazed with the advancements Jordan has made in such a short time. She has been using a walking frame for two and a half years; but through her own continued hard work and the on-going efforts of the Sara’s Garden staff, Jordan started independently walking distances up to 50 feet during the 4 week Summer Camp this past July! We keep up the hard work in our time away from Sara’s Garden, but nothing compares to a qualified and caring conductor like the ones at Sara’s Garden.

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